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Our aim is to be the most dependable and recognized name in the world of import & export across the globe. We are providing specialized and the best possible cost-efficient as per our customer requirements.

We pride ourselves on being consistent and unparalleled in the supply of high-quality products and services to our clients. Our team has multiple decades of experience and hence we are able to guarantee quality to our clients every time. We deal specifically in Fresh fruits, Dates and Dry fruits. We source this from across the world depending on the season Our tie-ups with farms across the world and connections with local cold storages and pack houses ensure seamless maintenance of the cold chain. This ensures that our clients are benefitted with dependable quality and when it reaches the destination as the product will be as good as new as like just harvested !

Our operations are established in Dubai, UAE, Turkey, South Africa and having our own offices in India, Dubai, Sri Lanka, Oman, East Africa & having associated offices across the globe wherever we procure from which empowers us to cater to the needs of our customers.

Our experience in importing & exporting premium products spans three decades during which time we have honed ourselves to deliver the best quality and products to our clients. Our team consists of quality control professionals with many decades of experience Our motivated and ambitious team ensures that every client receives prompt and quality produces at unbeatable prices, every time.

Today, Eashans Globalwork is known as a dependable entity with good connections in Asia, all 21 countries under MENA, and in European Countries as well. We are on a very successful business journey. We here at Eashans always focus on the betterment of our team and our Stakeholders. Together we stay and together shall we grow is our motto.



We are competitive because we make large volume purchase tie-up with farmers at the outset of the season. In this process, we are able to maintain the best quality at the lowest possible cost. Many of our buyers have been partnering with us for long many years mainly because of this aspect. Here both the grower and the client have a win-win situation as we maintain our competitiveness.


Since we plan a season much ahead in time we are able to maintain a consistency in cost. The market upheavals and temporary spikes will never affect our costing. This helps our clients to reap substantial benefits in pricing and vice versa for the grower too, as our deal ensures a focused approach on growing rather than commercials. This much thought-out strategy always puts Eashans in a very consistent mode.


Eashans has developed connections with cold storages and pack houses across the globe where our growers are situated. These farmers have easy accessibility to these cold storages such that they are able to immediately transport the yield for safe storage within a few hours. By having such good facilities we are capable of delivering as we commit.



Mazafati | Rabbi | Sayer KebKab | Piarom


Fard | Khalas Premium Vacuumed & Re-Packed Dates


Ajwa | Amber | Shukry | Safawi | Mabroom Mashrook | Majdool | Sugai | Kudhri | Khalas All types of vacuum pack dates



Pistachio Kernels| Salted Pistachio | Mamra Almonds | Dried Apricots | Dried Apple | Dried Kiwi


Hazelnut | Chestnut Fresh Apricot | Dry Fig


Almond | Pine Nut | Dry Fig -White Raisin - Red, Green & Black | Dry Apricot - Nak & Bary Apricot - Ashtaq | Chapa Namak | Nakhod


Cashew Nut | Kokum | Makhana



Apple -Royal Ghala, Red Delicious Orange - Citrus & Naval | Fresh Fig | All types of cherries


Apple -Royal Ghala, Red Delicious Orange - Citrus & Naval | Fresh Fig | All types of cherries


Cavendish Banana | Pomegranate | Dragon Fruit | Coconut | Onion | All type of Vegetables


Royal Gala Apple | Pacam Pear | Beauty Pear | Pink Lady | Citrus | Valencia Oranges



Rice - Sona Masoori, Basmati, Ponni | Coconut Oil Sugar | Salt | Flour Products | Spices | Pulses Cereals | Seeds and General


All type of Tea


Egg | Edible Oil

Farmers Empowerment in Turkey

In the heartland of Turkey, where fertile soils meet ancient traditions, Eashans Globalwork is a remarkable company dedicated to the dual mission of agricultural excellence and farmer empowerment. Eashans owns and manages farms across Turkey, and stands out not only for its bountiful harvests but also for its unwavering commitment to educating and empowering local farmers.

Eashans Globalwork runs comprehensive educational programs, offering workshops, training sessions, and access to cutting-edge agricultural research. These initiatives cover various topics, from sustainable farming practices and crop management techniques to modern technologies like precision agriculture and irrigation systems. Through partnerships with agricultural experts and institutions, farmers receive the latest insights and guidance.

Through its educational endeavours, Eashans Globalwork has transformed the lives of countless farmers and their families. The knowledge imparted has not only increased crop yields but also improved the quality of the produce, leading to better income opportunities for farmers. This, in turn, has had a ripple effect on the surrounding communities, fostering economic growth and prosperity.

Women's Empowerment in India

One of the most significant impacts of Eashans Globalwork is the economic independence it bestows upon women. By providing jobs that pay fair wages and offer opportunities for career advancement, Eashans empower women to support themselves and their families. This newfound financial stability leads to enhanced self-esteem and confidence, breaking down traditional barriers and stereotypes.

Beyond individual empowerment, Eashans Globalwork's efforts have a profound impact on the communities it operates in. By providing employment to women, it contributes to local economic growth and creates a ripple effect of positive change. As these empowered women reinvest in their communities, the benefits of their economic empowerment extend far beyond the workplace.


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